Sunday, September 4, 2011

#Tmobile you STINK

Dear @TMobile,

You're killin' me!  I have been a customer for nearly 10 years (yes I was a VOICESTREAM customer).  Your employees behavior is appalling.  I was lied to in the store, manipulated by the customer service people and still am SO unhappy with this company, I wanna tell you to shove it.  What happened  you ask?  I ask, what didn't?

I purchased a phone *full price I might add* 30 days ago, from a company store. I asked the employee if my current data plan would work with this new phone - oh yeah! of course! - WRONG!  BTW - 30 days later, he STILL says that plans works with that phone - still WRONG.  I went back to the store, and was told I could upgrade my plan from unlimited to 200mb/month.  WOW!  Thanks, TMobile!  Aren't you GENEROUS?!

I upgrade the blasted plan, annoyed and leave.  I come home, the phone doesn't work in my house - my old phone worked 100 times better!    Good thing I got a new phone, huh?  Calls didn't come through, it locked up on me, texts came through as jumbled messes on both sides - mine and others, the alleged hot spot calling didn't exist - a complete WASTE OF MONEY!

So, being the good customer I am, I called 611 to find some help.  I was told that for an additional amount of money, not only could I get another phone, but I could also extend my contract for 2 years.  How wonderful!  Aren't you kind?!!?!!!?  No refund on my full price phone?!  NO!  Extend for 2 years and pay for the phone or we won't help you.  We'll waive the upgrade fees for you - WOW SO KIND!

I take my phone back, with the receipt which says that I have 30 days to return it, where I'm met with 'Oh - we have a $50 restocking fee' so if you don't want to pay that, you can downgrade your full priced phone OR we can send you another lump of coal.  Hope it works...and btw - the employee who sold me the phone initially told me that he 'tried to convince me to use something besides Nokia' NO YOU DIDN'T!  He STILL says "I don't know alot about these phones, but I'm not a fan of Nokia" - WHY NOT?!?!?!  That's your J-O-B!!!  You cannot convince me that your entire shift, every single day, you have NO time to actually LEARN about your products?

I'll tell you this, TMobile - this is your last chance.  If I want a 2 year contract, I'll go with someone who actually appreciates the fact that their customers stick with them.  And one other thing - if MY employees are dorking around all day and don't know MY products?  They'd be finding a new J-O-B where they CAN learn about my products.

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